Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day

We love Mom's so much we named ourselves after them! Let's celebrate those who gave us birth, those who have been there for us, and those who we have admired through the years. See what we have to say about Mom's from a bunch of Mothers who have been there.

We Love You


It is truly a gift to center a whole day for all those who have mothered us. To say thank you. To share our warmth, love, and appreciation for those who raised us. There are those who have adopted us too, whether legally or by calling us chosen family.


For those of us who identify as mothers, it is a beautiful day to reminisce on how far we have come while reflecting on those we have cared for. Knowing that we have helped someone else’s life feels like the best part of motherhood. 


That’s why we need to do right by our Mom’s!


This day is universally appreciated by all for its shared vision. Loving our mothers means showing them we care by using their love language. Little things such as spending time together, virtually or safely in person, sharing words of affirmation, or finding ways to show your mom love by getting her a gift. 


Nothing is too good for the strong, wonderful people who raised us!  


Fine Jewelry


As the person who birthed you, or helped you heal after a wound, or supported you through your first heartache, our Mothers should be offered the very best. 


These are some of our client’s favorite earrings! 


Trust us, your Mom needs something beautiful, clean, and not heart shaped. 


Buddha Jewelry Organics does an incredible job of picking the top quality stones and precious metals to breathe into their unique designs. These beautiful Rose Gold Mini Muses Amethyst and Fluorite compounded together, make these the most asked about pair we carry! 

Mini Muse Amethyst & Fluorite Earrings

Mini Muse Amethyst & Flourite


She’s sleek but not overstated. She’s real but she’s regal. Yes, your Mother is a diva in these Buddha Jewelry Pieces that are one of a kind! 

Stay Sexy w/ Kyanite Earrings 
Stay Sexy BJO


For a traditional look with an artisanal beat, check out these ABELL Designs by our local craftsperson and friend, Alex. If your Mom loves a country floral print she’s sure to fall in love with this pair!

ABELL Designs Folk Flower Earrings

ABELL Designs Folk Flowers


Is your Mom a feisty lady who isn't afraid to tell someone what’s what? Maybe she needs a pair of these Dissent Earrings. This pair from Maya Jewelry was named by our very own co-owner, Shandra

Maya Dissent Earrings

Maya Dissent Earrings


Mom Inspired Tattoos


One of the first archetypes of a tattoo is a simple Mom in a banner, often surrounded by a heart. We've noticed that this actually leans towards more masculine tattooed men to honor their mothers forever. We suppose their mothers might be less upset at their first tattoo choice since it is dedicated to their Mom. Check out our Vintage Logo for inspiration on this design. Or if you're super in love you can buy a Mom's Vintage Enamel Pin.

Mom's Vintage Logo


A Mother By Any Other Name


Whenever I think about a mother, I generally think of an archetype who is warm, caring, and there for us unconditionally. Sometimes a mother is someone who didn't start out that way. But through their self sacrifice, helped the good of the collective consciousness. These might be chosen family members or those who have had years of familial relations outside of blood. We honor all types of Mothers, of Mamas, and of Ma’s.


We know things have been tough for all The Mother’s this past year. 


That’s why we want to treat you to some goodies this year that will pamper and delight!  


From Us to You


Whether you have a quiet family meal together 

or celebrate virtually in this digital age, 

know that you are enough. 

And we love you, just as a Mom should. 


From us to you,


Happy Mother’s Day!


Love Always,