The Ultimate Guide to Rose Quartz

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The Ultimate Guide to Rose Quartz

Learn all about the beauty and warm feelings of Rose Quartz.

The Ultimate Guide to Rose Quartz

A pink-colored or rose-colored gemstone is a beautiful choice for any jewelry lover to wear as they fit many people's complexions. This gets satisfied whether they are wearing pink sapphire, pink morganite, or even pink diamonds.


Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals and gemstones available out there, and many people have come across its many benefits as its popularity has grown. In fact, part of its growth in popularity comes from Pantone Color Institute declaring it as the Color of the Year 2016.


Have you ever wondered what Rose Quartz is? Want to know how to identify real rose quartz from synthesized? Read this guide to learn everything you have ever wanted to know all about rose quartz.


What is Rose Quartz?


Rose quartz has been used for emotional and physical healing and as part of unique artifacts and jewelry for thousands of years by cultures all around the world.


Ancient people, including Assyrians and the Romans, were probably some of the first to have used this gem for crafting jewelry around circa 800-600 BCE.


It also has been mentioned in Greek mythology. Specifically, its creation was noted in the story of the goddess Aphrodite and her lover, Adonis. Here, rose quartz is formed as a result of Aphrodite injuring herself on a piece of quartz as she was saving Adonis and their blood mixing; there is also another tale of rose quartz's use by Cupid inspiring other couples to fall in love.


It was also rumored to get associated with beauty and love by the Chinese, Tibetan, and Ancient Egyptian cultures.


Why is Rose Quartz Pink?


What color is rose quartz? Why, pink, of course!


With there being so many quartz varieties out there, many wonder why the pinky rose quartz color develops at all. The main reason can be found in the trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese that combined inside the quartz when the stone was developing over millions of years. In addition, the color can possibly come from dumortierite (aluminum and iron borosilicate), which can make the rose quartz look vaguely opaque in comparison to other rose quartz pieces.


Because of this, the typical rose quartz color can range from pale pink to rose red. Here are some pictures of rose quartz as examples of how different each stone can appear.


Where is Rose Quartz Found?


Rose quartz can be found inside mineral deposits in South Africa, Madagascar, India, Germany, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and several parts of the United States like California and Maine. It is also found in Namibia and Sweden, among many different countries. If you are seeking the highest quality rose quartz available on the market, then keep an eye out for stones made in Brazil.


What is Rose Quartz Made Of?


So what does rose quartz look like?


Rose quartz is a pink or rose-colored type of crystalline mineral quartz. The quartz crystal has a structure made of silicon dioxide molecules. This makes the rose quartz chemical formula SiO₂. They are formed from thermal vents, pegmatite, and some other igneous rocks.


The opaqueness found in most stones can be attributed to tiny needle-like inclusions of rutile, that can give the polished stone a visual phenomenon of appearing star-shaped. This is the same structure that is found in sapphire, but it doesn't occur as sharply or intensely as the latter.


Another type of transparent quartz that gives its pink color is a different mechanism called “pink crystalline quartz,” “crystalline rose quartz,” or “pink quartz crystal.” It is considered rare regarding other types of rose quartz. It could appear naturally as exquisite clusters of transparent, well-formed crystals.


These rose quartz images show how different they can look depending on how they get cut.


Pink Rose Quartz


Pink Gemstones and Meanings


Pink gemstones are associated with unconditional love, affection, compassion, acceptance, and self-worth. When you require physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual protection, pink gemstones can help you get it.


Part of our reaction to a pink gemstone and pink precious stones comes from color psychology. In this case, we take a look at them and think of romance, love, hope, safety, and vulnerability. It has the same passion and energy that we would see in red-colored gemstones, but it is not as passionate. Pink also possesses the tranquility that we would usually feel in white or blue tones.


Some other gemstones that are pink like rose quartz are:

  • Pink sapphire
  • Fluorite
  • Garnet
  • Pink topaz
  • Morganite
  • Kunzite
  • Apatite
  • Pink Tourmaline
  • Coral
  • Spinels


Though some gemstones may originally come in other colors, they may come in pinks under specific circumstances. A light gemstone, rose-colored gemstone, or dark pink gemstone can appear as:

  • Pink opal
  • Pink topaz
  • Adventurine
  • Calcite
  • Zircon
  • Pearl
  • Moonstone
  • Smithsonites
  • Rhodonites


If you want to grow your collection of pink jewelry once you have added rose quartz to your repertoire, find your inspiration from this list.


Metaphysical Properties for Your Chakra


A lot of rose quartz facts that we know today come from how they are viewed in the jewelry world and spiritually.


Rose quartzes are renowned for their reputation as the stone of love. Given this fact, this stone is most commonly associated with the heart chakra. The heart chakra deals with allowing the individual to love and feel loved by others and enjoys love, inner peace, and joy within their life.


In a metaphysical sense, rose quartz heals the heart and mends this chakra through the soft and gentle energy that the stone emits. It is also associated with the feminine divine that rests inside all of us, making us open to self-soothing and increasing our potential.


Special Emotional and Mental Properties


Some of the emotional properties that people receive when wearing rose quartz are that it is great at manifesting new love and new relationships. If you are experiencing emotional challenges that are throwing you for a loop, rose quartz can also encourage you to let reconciliation and empathy back into your heart. It is also a great stone to wear if you are seeking a renewed sense of inner peace in your life.


No matter what your relationship or emotional status may be, there's always a positive way that rose quartz can help you.


How to Wear Rose Quartz as Jewelry


Rose quartz appears very versatile when you wear it as a standalone jewelry piece or part of a set. If you want to attach it to a specific metal chain, sterling silver is an acceptable choice, but you may want to use gold or rose gold chains if you want their color to really stand out.


The great news is that because it is so versatile and can go with any metal chain, you can wear rose quartz as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even rose quartz cleavage body jewelry.


On days when you are not wearing it, you can feel the void of missing the gemstone with you at all times. Thus, you should consider getting a tattoo of rose quartz if that is something you are open to.

Rose Quartz Gemstones


Which Other Gemstones Can You Wear Rose Quartz With?


If you are looking for stones that may complement rose quartz or a rose gemstone, try pairing it with some precious amethyst. This is because rose quartz is associated with opening up your self-love and self-knowing abilities while amethyst seeks to align your mind and get rid of any sadness, depression, and stress you may have. Together, they will help bring clarification and answers to any related questions you may have.


Some other good gemstone choices to pair with rose quartz are citrine, ammolite, carnelian, clear quartz, and chrysocolla.


How Much is Rose Quartz?


Regular quartz stones can be found anywhere in the world and are thought of as one of the most abundant minerals on the planet. Because of this, most rose quartz can be priced fairly inexpensively. Yet how pricey the rose quartz will be by the time you want to buy it for your jewelry will depend on the color (whether it is light pink or dark pink rose quartz), its clarity (how opaque before or after polishing), and the price per carat, quality of jewelry, the base metal in the jewelry, and many other factors.


Pricing can also depend on the rose quartz luster and whether there are rose quartz streaks present in the stone.

Rose Quartz Alchemy Earrings


Add This Rose Gemstone to Your Collection


If you've ever wondered what stone is pink in color that can be worn by anyone in any context, rose quartz is one of those gemstones that easily come to mind. The quartz rose color has inspired others and has been worn for generations. Hopefully, your question of "What is Rose Quartz?" and any desired information on rose quartz has gotten answered.


We at Mom's find Rose Quartz to be an amazing, beneficial, and healing stone that can improve upon the love you feel toward yourself and other people in your life. You can always shop our current stock of crystals and body jewelry on our web store. If you have any questions about acquiring more of this dynamic stone in your life, feel free to call us at (509) 426-4465.


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