Spooky Season Gifts for Your Ritual Needs at Mom's Crystal Corner

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Spooky Season Gifts for Your Ritual Needs at Mom's Crystal Corner

Is it that time again or has it been that time all along? 


During Spooky Season you can enjoy poolside vampire kisses in summer or an emotional pumpkin spiced latte all year long.


The world is changing and we have got you covered! 


Whether you are new to tapping into your intuitive gifts or you’ve been up to some magic since you popped out of the womb, Mom’s has an array of spooky gifts in our Crystal Corner.  


Before we continue, we want to mention we do not recommend any of these tools in replacement of medical, psychological, or emotional treatment. These spiritual tools are meant to help create meaningful insights to help each person live their best life. If you or someone you know needs resources these are just a click away. 

Candles, Matches, and Room Sprays Oh My!  


Our Ambiance Section really sets the energy of the space. 


You can set your magic on fire by using candles intentionally. 


It’s no secret that candle magic can set an idea ablaze. 

What parts of you need a little direction?

You’ll soon have the opportunity to enlighten yourself.


If it’s love you seek or wisdom to keep you inspired, look no further than your own inner glow.

Light a candle forward with some Sacred Beeswax Altar Candles


These enchanted pairs of candlesticks come imbued with natural essential oils that smell amazing! 


Your senses will be pleasantly awakened by the magnitude of their power. 


The pre-blessed, naturally based wax candles are perfect for a wide based candelabrum or individual holders too.  

You may also enjoy a more contained glow like these glass jar candles!




If you’re trying to set your intentions with those candles we recommend our beautiful matches collection


With each new start we let the old ways go.  



If your apartment lease doesn’t allow open flames you might opt for a room spray


These can liven up the energy in a room, change the intention of a house’s vibe, or even mist over yourself to evoke a new mindset. 


You’ll never have to worry about harsh chemicals or additives as all our room sprays are nontoxic. 

All Things Tarot Decks, Pendulum Boards, & Crystal Keepsakes


Maybe divination has your attention and you are deeply craving connection beyond the day-to-day. 


If you’re looking for tools to help answer some questions you are in luck! 


At Mom’s we pride ourselves in our tremendous Tarot Deck section. 


No matter what type of deck we have various styles to call in the good. 



Take for example, one of our best sellers, the Aligned Guidance Affirmation Card Deck.

While this deck does not pull from traditional tarot cards each affirmation can be carried through one’s day. 

We wouldn’t be Mom’s if we didn’t carry a Mother Tarot, right? It’s very colorful and feels super naked goddess vibes that we love.


No matter which deck, you’ll be thrilled to see how each impact ripples positively towards the world.


Maybe you’re interested in direct yes and no questions. 


Scrying Divination Tools have been used for Centuries. 


Is it pseudoscience? Is it real? You be the judge. 

Pendulum Boards can be used with any Metal or Crystal Pendulum


Boards have a way of clarifying what direction we should choose in life. 


You can ask a Yes/No Based Question as you watch your pendulum sway over your board. 


Questions that start with “Will I…”, “Can I…”, and “Should I…” are excellent beginnings. 


Just be careful not to ask a question you don’t want an answer to.  


“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”


Well, we can’t tell you that. 


But we can tell you that crystals are all the rage.


We carry a range of polished and rough stones shaped into points, palms, crystal grid kits and more in our Crystal Section. 


From tying a room’s look together, to setting intentions, and embodying beauty we think rocks are amazing.  

Mom Says It’s Okay To Get Temporary Tattoos


Maybe you need a semi-permanent thing in your life? 


Or testing out the waters of future possible body art. 

Whatever your reason, we think you’ll look great in our Temporary Tattoo varieties! 

Fun for all ages.

Mom Knows Best

Wherever you are in your life path, know that you are doing the best job you can. 

Each of our journeys are different, but somehow we hold together through it all. 

We see you and you are valid. 


Need to get in touch? We're always here for you!


Love Always, 


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