Jewelry & Self Care: A Wedding Guide That's Sure to Sweep You Off Your Feet

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Jewelry & Self Care: A Wedding Guide That's Sure to Sweep You Off Your Feet

We know you are so excited about your big day! 




A day you’ve been dreaming about since you were little, no doubt. 



On this special day that you’re sure to remember, you’ll be sure you’ll want to look and feel your very best. 


We’ve gathered some opinions from history to jewelry syles and mental health items that will have you skipping down the aisle no matter what time of year the big day falls on. 


A Tiny History of Weddings 



Wedding ceremonies first began during the Mesopotamian Age. 

Back then, it was unheard of to marry for love and affection. 


Rather, it gave men ownership of their wife who had been presented by her father. 

This legitimized their offspring in the eyes of society.

If their wives did not produce children they were allowed to return them and find a new wife to keep society functioning. 


As marriage evolved amongst the Greeks, Romans, and Hebrews men were allowed to stray outside the marriage to satisfy their carnal needs. These relationships included both women and men, depending on the male’s desire. 


Wives were required to stay at home and tend to their house chores and child-raising. It wasn’t until the Roman Catholic Church rose to power in Europe did marriage become religious. This is when things started shifting for men to show up differently to their wives, with more respect and support. This is also when the concept of divorce was shunned and a marriage separation could cost someone in society. 


Luckily those days are behind us! 


{Fe(lix) and Dae at his sister Annie's Wedding dancing}


Freedom To Be Yourself


Your wedding should be as unique as you. 


{Shandra & Marcus' Wedding Bands}


It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be cherished, showing your community who you want to spend the rest of your life with. 


It is a beautiful day where you both get to walk around as queen and king of your dominion. 


This day’s rituals will be remembered forever. 


Why not primp around in the finest luxuries for this special time? 


On Your Wedding Day Wear What You Love


No matter if you are a rose, white, or yellow gold fan, you’ll be sure to fall in love with our incredible selection of stylish jewelry for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 



Since photos are forever you’ll want to invest in just the right ensemble. 


A key tip every adorned person should know is to match their accessories with their favorite tones to wear.  


Rose Gold Babe


You’ll be head over heels in love with your rosy cute look on your very special day with this ensemble. 


Get decked out in:



Rise Gold Halos by BJO


Rose Gold Threadless Disks by Modern Mood


Rose Gold Sophia Seam Ring by BJO

Yellow Gold Goddess 


Those warm hues of sunny goodness could not be any stronger!


See yourself in this set up:


Yellow Gold Mini Deco Fan by Tawapa


The Dresden in Yellow Gold by BJO


Yellow Gold Eloise Seam Ring

White Gold Queen


It’s no wonder Narnia’s white witch Jadis stands the test of ethereal Winter vibes! 


Ice out in this wonderland look:


White Gold Divine Hoop by Tawapa


White Gold Threadless Heart Shines by Maya


White Gold Daisy Chain Seam Ring

Wedding Classics


You can never go wrong with an iconic look. 


Check out these timeless Threadless Gold Prongs in:


Rose Gold 


White Gold 


Yellow Gold.


In addition, you might also be a fan of these Solid Gold Hoop additions in:


Yellow Gold


Rose Gold


Killer Looks For Your Big Day


Have your cake and eat it too!




{Shandra & Marcus' Art Deco Wedding Cake}


Please know we are happy to create your desired goals by creating a jewelry buying appointment or calling our studio to find out more! 


Holistic Tools For Preparation & Relaxation


No matter how you style your hair, what jewelry you have on, or the dress you choose to wear, you’ll still want to find ways that help keep your special day the very best! 


Try as they might, no one will be bumming you out on this freakin’ amazing day!    


Okay, let's be real, you are definitely going to get stressed at some point. 



But if you’re in need of a pick me up you can always squish this lavender satchet that smells absolutely amazinnng



Keep a little rose quartz heart on you in a secret pocket or compartment. 

This will ensure your ability to receive love that is pure and give yourself your personal care as well.  


On the eve before your wedding, we suggest imagining your wedding going smoothly. 

We know this day is a big one in the books so we must set ourselves up for success. 



Lighting a candle-like Lit Ritual’s Warm Heart and sending our intentions out can help us become mentally, physically, and spiritually ready for the next chapter. 


What can we say? 

You’ve done a great job and we’re really proud of you! 




We are beyond excited! 


{Shandra looking gorgeous on her big day with Marcus at The Fox Theater} 


Whether you’re in an ornately decorated church, jumping the broom, standing under the chuppah and breaking glass with your heel, or getting married in a hot air balloon, we celebrate all the ways you rejoice in your love. 


{Dae supporting his sister Annie's Wedding with William}


The best parts of weddings are no doubt the memories we make between the snapshots of our lives.

The laughter that is shared between bonded people.

The details are often overlooked on any other day.

It’s in this sacred ritual where we build lasting moments that will stay with us forever. 


{Beth at daughter Shandra's Wedding}


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We’re always here for you, Family. 

Love Always,