The History and Healing Properties of Smokey Quartz

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The History and Healing Properties of Smokey Quartz

The History of Smokey Quartz

Removing old energy to fully embrace your new direction in life can be difficult without help. A lot of the time, people get stuck in old habits, patterns, and ways of thinking. People react to situations based on the way their emotional output has been wired to respond. 

However, this does not have to be the case. Using smokey quartz or smokey quartz jewelry can assist in clearing those blockages to help propel you towards your destiny. 

What is Smokey Quartz?

Smokey quartz is a member of a vast group of quartz crystals. Its color ranges from opaque, cloudy brown, to grey, and black. There may be hints of yellow, orange, and red in different cuts of smokey quartz. The color comes from natural radiation emitted from underground granite deposits. 

It is typical that smokey quartz appears darker in color where there is more radiation emission. It can be found in the veins of quartz or pegmatite dikes, which are slow-forming crystals that grow from a combination of high heat and pressure, cutting across rocks. The most well-formed crystals are found in igneous and metamorphic rock cavities which are formed by lava activity.

Its form varies from many different sizes, shapes, and structures. Because smokey quartz is found almost anywhere, it is a relatively inexpensive crystal. Brazil and Madagascar are large sources for the commercial production of smokey quartz. 

History and Background

Scotland's natural gemstone is smokey quartz. In Scotland, it's referred to as cairngorm because of the Cairngorm Mountains. It's also the official state gem of New Hampshire in The US. 

In Colorado, mineral collectors travel to Pike's Peak to scope out the abundant deposits of both smokey quartz and amazonite. 

Smokey quartz was sacred to Druids in Celtic cultures. The druids were priests, magicians, or prophets among the higher-ranking class. Smokey quartz was sacred to them because it represented the Earth gods and goddesses' dark power.

In Greece, smokey quartz represents Hecate, the goddess of magic.

In slightly more recent times, smokey quartz became popular during the Victorian Era. It was used in jewelry worn to mourn the dead. Queen Victoria participated in this trend, wearing decorative mourning jewelry after the death of Prince Albert. 



Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Smokey quartz is associated with grounding. Mystics believe that its main purpose is to use it for grounding. The stone helps to balance and ground you so that you may release the energies that are no longer serving your best interest.

Smokey quartz is believed to help one overcome difficult challenges in life. It gives you the courage, strength, and calm energy you need to deal with hard times. Stability and security in yourself come from using smokey quartz, which helps when you're undergoing times of adversity. 

Because of this ability, smokey quartz may help you build your confidence and endurance. It allows you to reclaim what belongs to you, making you let go of any old narratives, emotions, or toxic cycles you're clinging onto. 

Many believe this stone has alchemical power; transmuting lower vibrational energies into higher ones. Depending on your intentions when working with the stone, this can allow you to connect more deeply with mother earth, develop higher states of consciousness, and grow your spirituality. 

Smokey quartz can act as a detoxifier, releasing stagnant energy from your life allowing new energies to emerge.

If you're experiencing a difficult time emotionally, smokey quartz can help rid the cloud that shrouds someone. You may gain clarity and transmute old thoughts into new places with confidence and support. 

Root Chakra Connections

Since smokey quartz is a grounding stone, it is connected to the root chakra and solar plexus. People who practice chakra work believe blockages in one’s root chakra or solar plexus can lead to a cloudy mind, racing thoughts, inability to focus, and lack of motivation or drive. 

Smokey quartz, by working with the root chakra, can help clear these blockages. This results in a clear-headed, focused mental state. It also helps make your goals and visions easy to see, making smokey quartz a great aid for manifesting your destiny. 

The root chakra is the first chakra, meaning the root of all things. It lies at the base of the spine, becoming an anchor to earth. Emotional stability, balance, and harmony in mind and body originate from the root chakra. You can use smokey quartz when doing chakra energy work to balance your root chakra, let go of old emotions, and reset your energy into alignment with your higher self. 

Smokey Quartz Benefits

There are a plethora of reasons why anyone would want smokey quartz. If you're feeling stagnant in life or living in a realm in between your old self and new self, smokey quartz is believed to propel you toward your highest good.

You may be going through a rough transition, experiencing the loss of a loved one, or having a hard time coping with this crazy reality. Maybe you feel directionless and are unsure of what move to make next. 

Smokey quartz may provide subtle energetic assistance, grounding you to release old emotions. It is believed to help clarify your path in life, so you're sure of which direction to go in your future. 

Smokey quartz can reduce the amount of negative vibrational energy in your space, clearing it away and restoring harmony and balance. 



Using Smokey Quartz

Like any stone or crystal, smokey quartz is versatile in how you can use it. You can experiment with ways of using it to see how it works best for you. 

Smokey quartz can be worn as jewelry. You can carry the crystal with you or set it somewhere in your home. 

If you want to try to harness the powers of smokey quartz when wearing it as jewelry, pick out a piece that speaks to you. The color of the stone and the looks of it should remind you of grounding, calming energy. You can then charge your piece of jewelry for your specific intentions and purposes.

Simply hold your jewelry or stone and speak your intentions. Stone practitioners believe this aligns the vibrations of the stone to help ground the user.

If you decide to place smokey quartz in your home, you can do the same thing to charge it. Choose a spot in your home that is the heart of the home, the place you go to relax and recharge. Its charged energy will work to release the calming vibrational energy that smokey quartz exudes. 

Carrying the stone in your pocket or in your purse acts the same way. It can act as a talisman or lodestone to help ground and remind you of your intentions throughout the day. 

Smokey Quartz in Jewelry

Wearing jewelry with crystals is more common because of its beauty, affordability, and versatility. Smokey quartz has a beautiful earthy color which goes perfect with someone whose style exudes earth fairy elfin. 

It can be a good match for anyone's wardrobe as it doesn't tend to clash with any colors or styles. It can be used in dainty jewelry or large statement piece jewelry. 

Smokey quartz is tough and durable. This makes it versatile for multiple jewelry types such as necklaces, rings, and earrings. A yellow or gold chain complements the natural hues of red and yellow that are within smokey quartz. The warm colors of the metal in combination with the dark earth tones of smokey quartz create a visually appealing piece of jewelry.

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Smokey quartz is believed to benefit in healing repressed emotions from trauma and assisting you on your journey toward a more nuanced reality. It's beautiful in its coloring and connects you to the earth and a more centered version of yourself.

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