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Neometal Bezel Cabochon Titanium White Coral Threadless

Flawless NeoMetal implant grade threadless end that's perfect for any piercing! Each threadless piece is sold individually. Post sold separately. Shop Moms!


Titanium Bezel Cabochon by NeoMetal

Just as coral lines the bottom of the ocean so too does this stark White Coral line our heartspace. Its solid personality is no match against a calloused world. As white as freshly laid snow these lab made cabochons are an easy yes to anyone looking for a simple yet distinctive vibe. Fashion forward clients love this option to elevate their look while still keeping their statement simple. When genuine coral is found in nature it is used as decorative pieces as well as a spiritually manifestor that dates back centuries. Ancient people would use it ceremonially in favor of immortal fortune, protection from evil energies, and as a talisman used in ritual work. This simple yet powerful option is sure to engage your simple and subtle needs as well as those beyond this world.  

Ranging from White Coral to more unique stones, let your imagination run wild with NeoMetal's Titanium Threadless Ends. 

Beautifully finished perfectly round cabochons nestle into a bezel titanium threadless end. A cabochon forms what looks like a bubble with the attached setting flat and the focal point rounded. This allows the stone to be the feature of this style. 

Product Details  

  • 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm Available 
  • White Coral - Lab Made
  • Implant Grade Titanium (ASTM F136 6AI-4V ELI)
  • Universal Threadless Titanium Pin
  • Items Sold Individually
  • Post Sold Separately