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Fixed Bead Ring Yellow Gold

Classic 14k Solid Yellow Gold Fixed Bead Ring is perfect for nostril, helix, conch, daith, or septum piercings. Each piece is sold individually. At Mom's, we believe jewelry is for every body.


Junipurr Fixed Bead Ring Yellow Gold

We cannot get enough of this classing in such stunning solid gold! With Junipurr's Fixed Bead Ring, you'll pair anything perfectly with your Yellow Gold, or Brass accents.  

This Fixed Bead Ring Jewelry is an excellent choice for helix, conch, daith, septum piercings, or any 16 gauge lobe. Please choose 18 gauge for healed nostrils and smaller lobe piercings. Please note to measure the diameter around the area you would like to adorn your body. Please call the studio if you have questions about this process. 

A Fixed Bead Ring is a continuous ring which has one opening where the ring is able to open and close. There is a ball which is fixed (cast on one side of the hoop) to ensure your bead will never "fall off". While it is tempting to pull the ring apart in opposite directions, we highly advise against this. Unfortunately, this will put pressure on the machined perfect circle of the hoop. The two ends never quite reunite leaving a healthy gap. Instead, use what’s known at the S Bend which allows the user to easily manipulate the ring into a circle.

To open, hold the Fixed Bead Ring with the seam up. Applying equal pressure on both sides, bend the ring open into a coil-like shape. Think of it as opening a door and not a book. Once the hoop is through the channel of your piercing bend in the opposite direction to bring the hoop back together. You may need to gently bend the ring a little further than the original position and then back to get the ends of the hoop to align neatly inside the opening of the bead. Make sure the gap is completely closed so the Fixed Bead Ring remains inside the channel of your piercing. Please note that gold is a lot softer than any other material so a little pressure goes a very long way. 

Quality starts with the places you invest in. Junipurr is a company dedicated to doing things the right way. That means they maintain integrity in their craft’s process and never cut corners. Their ethics are profound in that they only source materials from suppliers who have proven their impact on positive human rights movements. This sustained energy finds its way throughout the company from its employees to the industry at large. We at Mom’s are very excited to partner with Junipurr! 

We hope you’ll enjoy their amazing jewelry as much as we do!   

Jewelry Details: 

  • 18g 5/16", 18g 3/8" Diameter
  • 16g 5/16", 16g 3/8", or 16g 7/16" Diameter
  • Solid 14kt Yellow Gold
  • Bendable Fixed Bead Ring 
  • Item Sold Individually