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Intrinsic Bezel Navel Curve Ti 14g 3/8 Turquoise 4mm x 6mm Threaded

Classic Implant Grade Titanium that's perfect for your navel piercing. Each piece is sold individually. At Mom's, we believe jewelry is for every body.


Bezel Navel Curve in Titanium | Intrinsic

Please note: If a color or size is out of stock please let us know as we may be able to special order it for you! You can call us at (509)426-4465 or email [email protected].

This curved navel jewelry is a sleek, mirror-polished finish, biocompatible, implant-grade titanium that's made to last a lifetime. These pieces are internally threaded for comfort as well as long-term quality. The 4mm Bezel Top comes off leaving the bottom 6mm Bezel Cabochon attached.

To install your navel curve simply unscrew the top portion of your jewelry, slip the curved post through your navel piercing from the bottom up, and thread the top back onto the post. To remove, turn the top in the opposite direction and reverse the installation instructions. (Righty tighty / lefty loosey.)   

We highly recommend knowing the size you need before making your selection. If you are having trouble finding a style or size you may always call our studio at (509)426-4465 so we can check our current inventory.  

No matter which perfect piece you choose, you'll always look gorgeous!       

Additional Jewelry Details: 

  • 14g 3/18" Length 
  • Synthetic Turquoise in Bezel Setting
  • 4mm Top + 6mm Bottom 
  • Implant Grade Titanium
  • Item Sold Individually