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Quetzalli Jewelry


Quetzalli Jewelry


  • Early 2000’s

Team Members (small or large scale operation/BIPOC Owned/Female Owners):

  • BIPOC Female Owned. Operated by a small team of BIPOC People. 

Quetzalli Jewelry Mission:

 “I wanted to write a little on how Quetzalli Jewelry came to be, and I thought...

I could start sharing how I learned to make jewelry, how I felt the need to create, or about the calling of our ancestors. All true and to me, beautiful stories of this wonderful journey. But beyond all that what I want to share is, I believe that there is never just one person or a single effort that makes things possible in life. I believe we are all connected. It can maybe be called just one inspiration that can move different hearts no matter how far they are.

In Nahuatl Quetzalli means beautiful .. Quetzalli Jewelry is what we strive for. To make the most beautiful jewelry we can think of and can possibly make. To look deep inside and find what we believe is our true inspiration. To seek our true teachers, that is life, nature, and the ways of our ancestors.

It is important that you know that everything from Quetzalli Jewelry is made as a unique piece. Where we mix tradition with dreams. We do not mass produce and we do not plan to do it. Know that with what we make and with all you see here, we are sharing ourselves with you. I wish for you to feel that and that everything here, is made by caring hands. Some by close friends, some by me, and others by people that were born were making beauty has been a long-lasting tradition.

And also, that it is with love and respect to where we come from, to each person involved, every material, and to the inspiration that lies before us, that Quetzalli Jewelry keeps growing from. To all of you that feel the connection, each of you that have inspired me to keep going and look for the beauty that fills our hearts.”

Thank you

Ana Paula

Describe Styles + Textures They Focus On:

  • Authentic Latinx + Native Styled Influenced Designs Created by BIPOC People
  • Beautiful Gold Beaded Embellished Features
  • Hand Selected Genuine Stones
  • Ancient Natural Formations Used in Jewelry
  • Mystical Patinated Prints
  • Gorgeous Amber Pieces Used

Why We Work With Them:

  • Ana Paula is such a wonderfully real person whose passion and values set her apart from anyone else in The Industry.
  • Their designs are made with love, never overproduced, and carry unique energy
  • They are Witchy AF
  • Their Gold Threadless Ends Carry A Sense of Spiritual Talisman
  • They are Unafraid to take a Political Stance 

Jewelry (Specific Items) We Love to Carry: