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- 2000

Team Members:

- Large Scale Company Operation With Over 500 Employees

Core Values:

  • “To improve the personal health of individuals worldwide while building a legendary company and culture.
  • Persistence We take a positive, can-do attitude to get things done, no matter the impediments.
  • Risk Taking We take calculated risks as entrepreneurs to accelerate business growth.
  • Improve Quality We proactively and continuously work to strengthen our products.
  • Customer Care We passionately care about our customers and keep them top-of-mind in our decision making.
  • Innovation We continuously look for ways to create advantage and efficiency through innovation.
  • Open Communication We are candid and truthful with each other to facilitate information flow and maintain open communication channels.
  • Accountability We are personally accountable to our commitments which result in both rewards and consequences.”

Location/Part of World They Work In: 

- Santa Rosa, California

What They Specialize In:

- Specific Industry Related Aftercare Saline Products. 

- Isotonic Saline Spray that is Safe Safe for Everyday Use. 

- Leading Supplier of Saline Products World Wide.  

- Saline Canisters That Can Be Sprayed From Any Angle.

Why We Work With Them:

- A Trusted Brand Used For Over 20 Years.

- No Burning or Stinging Sensations When Applied. 

- A Product We Use On Our Own Bodies.

- Each Canister of Saline Aftercare Spray Comes Shrink Wrapped to Ensure Sterility. 

- Sterile, Preservative Free, and Drug Free Product.

Items We Love to Carry:

- We carry the “Fine Mist” (Green Bottle) in two sizes:

2.5oz that’s good for Travel.

6oz for longer term Home Care.