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Maya Jewelry


Maya Jewelry


  • 2006

Team Members (small or large scale operation/BIPOC Owned/Female Owners):

  • Smaller Team of Operators


 “At Maya Jewelry, we pride ourselves on innovation, detail, and the finest quality. When you wear Maya, we want you to exude the confidence you deserve. Each piece of jewelry is hand-crafted with love. 100% guarantee.”

 Location/Part of World They Work In: 

  • San Diego, California

Describe Styles + Textures They Focus On:

  • Small, Medium, and Large Dangle Hoop Earrings 
  • Lots of Excellent Floral Patterns
  • Fashion Trend Based Culture 

Why We Work With Them:

  • They Believe Everyone Has a Right to Feel Confident, Strong, and Beautiful
  • Quality Body Safe Gold Jewelry Materials Used
  • Leaders in Fashion Trends
  • Lots of Pretty Styles to Choose From
  • Beyonce wore Maya’s The Queen’s Standard at the 2017 Grammys
  • Wide Range of Luxurious Ear Weights
  • They Use Ancient Hand-Forging Techniques To Make Their Jewelry

Jewelry (Specific Items) We Love to Carry: