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Omerica Organics Concave Growth Rings Etched/Graphic Double Flared Plug

Etched Tree Ring Design Plugs by Omerica Organic comes in ethically sourced wood from trees in the US. Each design is sold as a pair. At Mom's, we believe that jewelry is for every body.
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Concave Growth Ring Plugs by Omerica Organic 

They say when you cut a tree horizontally you can see its age by how many rings it has. As a tree gets older it grows an outer layer of bark which adds to a new layer of maturity. This energetically gives the tree more wisdom and strength. Its roots also get deeper and with time it can withstand the test of the seasons. These beautifully detailed Concave Growth Ring Plugs by Omerica can withstand the test of your heartstrings. 

Omerica Organic does an amazing job with their laser engraving technique that sets their designs apart.   

The back of the plugs are solid can be worn on the front for a more simplistic look.  

From The Body Modification Industry's standpoint, a plug is a pair of larger jewelry for stretched "gauged" ears. These come in an array of sizes typically beginning at 14g and extending to several inches in diameter. They are solid (tunnels are similar except that they have a hollowed out center) design made out of wood, bone, horn, steel, titanium, or gold depending. They can be circular, their most common shape, as well as teardrop and other styles as well. They can either be single flared meaning they are flared on the front and an O-Ring is used on the back to hold into place. This is easier to get into newly stretched lobes. They can also be double flared which means the outer lip that's a little larger on the ends happens on both sides of the jewelry.  

To keep your wood plugs in healthy condition we recommend applying a light layer (a little goes a long way) of Jojoba Oil to the wearable surface (parts where your ear makes contact with the plug). If too much oil has been applied you can use a paper towel to soak in the excess. Never allow oil to come into contact with gold, brass, or other non-wood materials as these can affect the color and look of your plugs. Drier seasons like Winter can crack or chip wood plugs easier than humid conditions and climates.       

These amazing plugs are a fun way to compliment any outfit, hairstyle, and style. And because it's from Omerica Organic, you know that it's made from a quality vendor. Whenever you choose to wear them, these plugs are sure to make a statement.

Please note that all sales are final. 

  • Items Sold As Pair
  • Wood Harvested Ethically 
  • Concave Shape
  • Tree Growth Ring Detail
  • Measures at 1 1/4g