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Buddha Jewelry Staxx White Gold with White Topaz Threadless

Dimensional 14k White Gold White Topaz Threadless Ends are perfect for your lobes, helix, flat, large tragus, or conch piercings. Each threadless piece is sold individually. Post sold separately. Jewelry for every body.


Staxx by Buddha Jewelry Organics

Give us the good stuff. We love a Baguette on its own. Perfectly rectangular and equipped with a sparkle. Times that by three and you have Buddha Jewelry Organic's Staxx in Yellow Gold and White Topaz. The more the merrier!

Topaz is known for helping those find their spiritual significance and purpose in this life. It can also help clear your mind and aid in decision-making that's from the heart space. It can also help revitalize a person's energy and turn the stagnant thoughts and feelings into those of change and leveling up their vibes. Associated with the Crown Chakra, White Topaz is here to connect you to your highest good and motivates one to move in the direction that will lead to the best life experiences.

Choose between left and right ear orientations!  

Solid White Gold lined ends help hold in the magnificence of this low rise piece.

Perfect for lobes, helixes, conches, large tragus, and flat piercings 18 to 14 gauge.

  • Left and Right Ear Options
  • 2.5mm X 5mm Overall Size
  • Three 1.5 X .5 White Topaz Gems
  • Solid 14k White Gold
  • Universal threadless pin
  • Items Sold Individually
  • Post Sold Separately